Welcome to DNSfootprint

Dnsfootprint is a .Net / Mono based application that is used for DNS record enumeration.
It aims to improve on existing DNS record enumeration techniques and utilise new approaches in order to:

  • Effectively automate DNS record enumeration;
  • Take full advantage of multithreading techniques to minimize time spent on discovering DNS information; and
  • Provide complete and accurate information for enumerated records.

The application is currently a Beta (work in progress) version and supports the following DNS record enumeration techniques:

  • Standalone resolving of SOA, NS, MX, SRV, A, PTR records and single AXFR requests;
  • Multithreaded domain validation of single or multiple domains enabling users to verify if the domain exists and responds to all A-record requests (Wildcard);
  • Multithreaded top level domain enumeration of target domains across country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) and generic top-level domain (gTLD) combinations;
  • Multithreaded zone transfer (AXFR) attempts of single or multiple domains that includes sub domain extraction from AXFR data and further attempts to perform AXFR’s of extracted sub domains;
  • Multithreaded sub domain enumeration of sub domains within a single or multiple domains;
  • Multithreaded DNS record enumeration for single or multiple domains of typical record types including NS, MX, A and PTR records;
  • Perform a DNS footprint of a single or multiple domains enabling the user to utilise the entire enumeration methodology in an automated manner. This includes domain validation, AXFR attempts for all NS servers, sub domain extraction, continued AXFR for new sub domains, sub domain enumeration of remaining domains and DNS record enumeration of remaining domains (A, PTR etc…).

Please see the ‘Readme.txt’ file for more technical details.